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Xs1100 coils

New Wires in Old Coils. All you have to do is cut away some of the plastic around the wire and it can be removed easily. This tech tip explains how. All XS coils are not identical. The coils shown here were from a XSF. The ones on my XS SH are a little smaller, but similar in appearance. I imagine they're similar internally, but I haven't tried this procedure on the newer ones. There are minor differences which will be noted in the procedure. I wouldn't have tried it if I didn't have spares.

Please read through the entire procedure before beginning to make sure you understand everything. Also, pay attention to the small screws, washers and wires as they come off. Removal and Testing. Primary small windings. The Haynes manual p. A reading of 1.

Remove and Test Spark Plug Caps. Unscrew the caps from the end of the wires. These are resistor caps and should measure 5k ohms.

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Secondary Windings spark plug wires. NOTE: This value is for the coil and wires only. For testing with both caps connected add 10k ohms. Wire Removal and Replacement.

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Blaine and I went about this step in different ways. On my original set of coils I removed plastic from where the spark plug wire enters the coil housing to the tip of the brass pin. See the cutaway photo below. This provides for the easiest removal and replacement of the wires. Blaine figured that it would be best to leave in place as much plastic as possible. This is arguably more secure, but also more difficult.

In discussing the relative benefits we agreed that some combination of the two techniques would be best. That combination is what is shown below. The photo below of the '81 RH coil shows the differences. Looking from the high tension wire end, you can see that the left side of the coil is the same as the older coils but the other side is very different.

The right side wire repair will be described separately and will be referred to as the "right side wire". Mark the Cuts on the Coil Housing. Filing, Grinding, Filing and Cutting. In order to remove the old wire it is first necessary to remove some of the plastic between the marks made in Step 4.

I did this with a die grinder and 36 grit paper.Refine your search. Belt 6 Shaft Drive cardan 2 Chain 1. Electric 4.

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Google Ads. Yamaha Xs For Sale 65 results. Refine search. Recent tune up done including valve and cam chain adjustmentPod filters and proper jetting to make it run greatHeat wrapped 4 into 1 exhaust with cone style chrome mufflerOil Temp dipstick Chassis.

Dripping Springs, TX 2 years ebay.

Yamaha XS1100 Cafe Racer Project - Episode 20 - Fitting High Performance Dyna Coils and Leads

If not bill of sale. I will not seperate. There are no leaks in the brake system, but the calipers were dragging due to moisture in the brake fluid so they will need to be broken down and resealed. This bike is in excellent condition for it's age and will start right up on choke with a charged battery.

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New gas tank. Fully Restored by Ole's Motorcycles New brakes less than 50 miles old. Fully Restored New brakes less than 50 miles old. This unique yamaha is in good shape but needs minor work. I have another bike and cannot ride them both. Good tires a few extras to go with it. Garage kept, low mileage, looks and runs great. New Paint about 3 years old.

Motor is. Motor is rebuilt bored and stroked to a cc carbs are newly rebuilt, re-jetted and synchronized. Clutch and clutch springs are new. Throttle and clutch cables are new. New mirrors and handgrips. New rear break master cylinder.

Guages have been rebuilt. Could use new tires. Hazlehurst, GA 3 years rockanddirt. The only thing showing its true age is the exhaust, the headers have corrosion but are NOT rusted out and are still completely functional as a rider.Magnetic Oil Drain Plug 14mm Diameter 1.

Muffler Joint Gasket Brake Caliper Piston - Front 38mm x Brake Caliper Piston - Rear 38mm x Cam Chain T x D. Notice: During this worldwide fight against COVID we will continue shipping orders daily with a very limited workforce and will complete daily workplace sanitation to prevent the spread of this disease.

Thank you for your support during this time and we hope you and your family stay safe. Login or Create an Account. Refine Search Results. Camshaft Plug Yamaha XS Primary Chain Yamaha XS Clutch Lever Yamaha XS Brake Lever Yamaha XS Oil Filter Yamaha XS Replacement Mirrors Yamaha XS Rectifier Regulator Yamaha XS Starter Relay Yamaha XS Fork Seals Yamaha XS Brake Pads Yamaha XS Float Needle Yamaha XS Cam Chain Yamaha XS The names Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and any other trade names or symbols belonging to each respective corporation are stated for reference purposes only.Our brand new OEM and aftermarket replacement switches come complete, ready-to-install, with electrical harness and connector and a matched set of 2 keys.

NOTE : replacement keys will not look like the original keys, and the "key position" decal differs slightly in appearance from original. Comes with two keys. Pretty much an exact reproduction of the original, includes the 3-wire harness with white connector. NOTE : the key-position decal that comes with this switch is very close in appearance to original, but not exact.

xs1100 coils

If you want the correct decal, order part HCP from below. Pretty much an exact reproduction of the original, but has the added security feature of using round rather than flat keys, thus minimizing the change that anyone will ever pick the lock. Includes the 3-wire harness with white connector. Pretty much an exact reproduction of the original; however, this version of the switch only includes a single 4-wire harness with the connector.

Some original models would have also used a separate 2-wire harness from the switch that would run to the battery fluid level sensor, and this harness is not present on this switch so you will lose that feature on your dash warning system. Has 2 individual wire harnesses leads with correct color wires and plastic end connectors. This unit has a brand new lock cylinder and housing and a rebuilt steering lock mechanism. This core charge will be refunded when an original core is returned.

Brand new. Has 3-wire harness with white plastic end connector. Use 2 per switch. For all XJ models. Use 2 per bike. These tiny springs fit underneath each lock cylinder wafer and provides the proper tension to enable the wafer to pop "up" and provide the locking function between the cylinder plug and housing.

Use one spring per wafer, six per lock cylinder.High quality chrome switch designed to clean up the appearance of your bike while allowing the use of a switch. Includes a contoured washer which allows for installations on round surfaces such as handlebars or frames. Switch Size 14mm x 12mm with 2X 20" wires. Includes Hardware and Instructions. Comes with a one year warranty through Dynatek. Wires are 4' Length cut to your needed length.

All wires are supplied with finished spark plug boot ends and loose coil terminals to allow the final length to be determined by the user.

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Wires feature a solid copper core for use on older vehicles where electrical interference is not an issue. High quality made in the USA. These high tech, top quality coils are made in the USA and are designed for maximum performance. They produce spark voltages in excess of 30, volts and spark energies second to none. Dyna Coils work with point ignitions, aftermarket electronic ignitions and factory electronic ignitions.

Before selecting a coil check the coil primary resistance requirements as specified by the manufacturer of the ignition being used before purchasing. When choosing the right coil for your bike, never select a coil with a lower resistance than your ignition system. Dynatek Charge Monitor. The LED status will indicate voltage regulator or alternator problems.

The Dyna Charge Monitor is a valuable addition to vehicles with a battery ignition and a charge system as found on nearly all stock vehicles. The Charge Monitor allows easy determination of the operational state of the charging system with a quick glance at the indicator LED's.

When the right most red LED is on the battery is being overcharged due to a faulty voltage regulator.

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When the green LED is on, the battery is being charged at a normal voltage. When the left most red LED is on, the battery voltage is getting very low and the charge circuit or battery is failing.

Comes with a one year warranty through the manufacturer. Perfect crimping tool for any spark plug wires. Incorporates wire cutter, terminal crimper tool and stripper in one handy tool. Black anodized finish with insulated hand grips. Crimp slot on the end of the tool secures most ignition terminals including "W" type, right angle and "High Tower" terminals.

Crimps 7mm to 8. Works with 10 to 22 gauge solderless terminals. Comes with a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer! Will work with Dyna Style Coils onlyor Sold with adapters to fit 35mm, 39mm and 41mm fork tube outer diameters. High beam indicator. Halogen bulb and headlamp plug with wires. Small Rectangular Headlamp 6. Designed for 7" sealed or non sealed H4 type headlights. Chrome all metal bucket with chrome trim ring. Side mounting holes are threaded Home Forums. Hey everyone, I am still working on this 79 xs After unplugging the vent hoses for the bowls and syncing the carbs, she ran great for about a mile.

It started floading again. Black smoke was rolling from the exhaust. After reading many post and running several test, I found one of the coils showing good readings on the primarys but zero on the secondarys. I pulled the plug wires from the coils and tested the wires themselves.

They where fine. I should mention I installed new wires in the coils as the post on this site instructed. After checking the wires, I checked the primary contacts right on the coil and still had zero, no reading. I assume this coil has lost connection to the secondarys.

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I have not seen a posting showing these kind of results when testing these coils. Has anyone else every experienced the primarys reading good but the secondary terminals at the coil reading zero? A reading of zero? Do you mean zero ohms, or zero continuity?

You mention no reading, so I assume no continuity. That means that the coils are broiken inside. They may "work" anyway, since they create enough voltage to jump the gap in the sparkplug. The spark may jump the gap in the wire inside the coil, but then you get a very weak and erratic spark.

Or maybe you are checking at the wrong terminals. Justin, Yes, I beleive the coils is busted inside. I was testing the secondary's. And I did not find two coils bad. I just thought it was strange to not see this same kind of thing on previous postings.

xs1100 coils

I have purchased Accel coils as replacement and will install them in the next few days.You may notice that the engine is not running well. It bogs down and produces only a fraction of its normal power. As you know, you need three things to make an engine run. If all three are not there, it will not run. First, let's check a few things. Is the battery fully charged and in good condition?

Is the electrolyte level between the high and low markers? No cracks, sulfation or other damage? Are the contacts clean and free of corrosion? Remove your battery and take it to Trak Auto, Pep Boys, etc. Next, are the fuses good?

Visual inspection of a fuse is not good enough. Sometimes a fuse opens at either end under the metal cap and you cannot see that it is open. It would be wise to replace the fuse panel as described in the two articles in the Modifications section of Tech Tips. Now check the spark plugs. A bad or broken spark plug can cause similar symptoms. Make sure that the plugs are gapped properly and are clean.

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If in doubt, replace them, as they are cheap and should be replaced as part of routine maintenance. Is there fresh gas in the tank? Are the petcocks turned to run or prime?

xs1100 coils

Check that the primary wiring the small wires attached to the coils attachment points are all clean and free of corrosion. Working with one coil at a time, trace the small wires these are the primary wiresfrom where they enter the coil back to where they connect to the wiring harness.

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